Bankruptcy Attorney in Niagara Falls, NY 

It can be devastating to undergo such financial turmoil. In Western New York, our firm is known for being one of the best when it comes to bankruptcy. We will effectively handle your case and ensure you are able to get the most favorable outcome. 

Whether your business hasn't been turning a profit or your family’s finances aren't looking good, our bankruptcy lawyer can help with bankruptcy cases for both personal and business clients.

An Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

This type of bankruptcy is referred to as getting a “fresh start” because you can wipe out your debts and start new. Chapter 7 is a liquidation where the trustee collects all of your assets and sells any that are not exempt. Our attorney is aware of the exemptions in New York State and under federal law. The trustee sells the assets and pays a debtor any amount exempted. 

The net proceeds of this transaction are then distributed to your creditors with a commission taken by the trustee for carrying out the distribution. We will help you keep certain debts that are essential to you and your continued livelihood, such as your car or house.
Bankruptcy Attorney Niagara Falls, NY

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Under this type of bankruptcy, a debtor proposes a 3-5 year repayment plan to creditors offering to pay off all or part of the debts from the debtor’s future income. Chapter 13 has been used to prevent house foreclosure and make up missed car or mortgage payments. This chapter also helps you to pay back taxes and keep valuable non-exempt property.

Depending on your specific financial situation, our attorney will recommend the best course of action for you to take. Our bankruptcy attorney will do everything we can to protect your assets and ensure you have a bright financial future.

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